Please note that I do not provide refunds for my services. 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your consultation.


If you make an appointment to benefit from my “Live Insights,” I will be in your presence as a live clairvoyant information medium. Together, we will navigate and constantly look into the layers that can be released, liberated, and surrendered, enabling the new expression in the consciousness of your heart and mind to be experienced
in your day-to-day life. We will accomplish this through communication with your etheric, energy field and your multi-layered subconscious.
Those who have already tasted live insights with me are aware that I operate
as an information medium, which I often define and describe as a “white state”
through which information downloads, descends, and flows to unravel whatever circumstances the client is currently in. Through insights, I also explain
the client’s self-limiting and self-destructive filters, which the client either brought over through his family or any other collective as his own or carried over as his own
from one of the prior evolutionary cycles.

I work with the levels of memory that are experienced through the physical body: emotional body memory, mind memory, and soul memory. During the information flow, 
the ancestral memory contained in DNA fibers is also opened simultaneously, if needed.
Thus, clarity that emerges from insights not only improves your perspective on your daily existence but also positions you for a fresh self-perception and a new self-experience.
I am currently sharing these insightful thoughts online for anyone who is drawn to them. Your appointment with me can be scheduled at any time.

I am now making these enlightened insights available online to anyone who is drawn to them. You can schedule and plan your meeting with me at any time:
whatsapp +52 7225504244



Online insights are recorded and send via Dropbox.

What to expect and how will you benefit from my Soul Insights:

  • The release of the filters from your subtle bodies, which are the lenses through which you view the world, other people, and surroundings, but most importantly, yourself.

  • Surrendering the weight in any form that has kept you from experiencing the lightness of both being and materialising the new version up until this point.

  • Clarity and lightness for the days ahead.

  • Circulating any stagnant energy in your energy field, in your subtle bodies, in your life.

  • Obtaining manifesting clarity required for your present circumstances, location, and current stage in your life.

For any clarity book your session: