To start, let me clarify who I am not…
I am not the subjects I took classes to earn my degree, or the academic titles I could have earned.
I am not a position of authority that can be called upon by anyone who has completed a certain course of study, education or training.
I am not someone who needs to fit a certain definition in order to feel like I belong.

I am a woman who loves life above all, but also death, for it is through innumerable deaths that I have returned time and time again.
As a mother, I assist my children discover their true selves, their strengths and their calling every day of their lives.
For the purpose of mutual enrichment and sharing, I am also a sister to those who treat me with dignity and respect.

I am the daughter of the Divine Mother and the Divine Consciousness of all Creation.
I am a pilgrim, a lover and an artist of life and my home is always just where my life stream calls me with ease, joy and glory.
I am a weaver of new life paths.

If my essence resonates with you, I am here to support and listen to everything that my inner gifts and keys may bring to your path, in your unique story, by clearing up any fog that may be in your way, 
where you may be misled and end up stuck in a vicious cycle for a long time,
or you may be at a crossroads and not know which direction to take.

Clarity is your fundamental right!.
Clarity is the key to the strength and power of your next step!
With clarity, move forward with confidence, courage and power! 

Eva Aura Real